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Ion Chef™ Instrument

Catalog number: 4484177

Brand: Ion Torrent™

The Ion Chef™ System* is the next generation of workflow simplification products for the Ion Proton™ and Ion PGM™ systems. The Ion Chef™ System provides automated, high-throughput template preparation and reproducible chip loading for users at any experience level. With typically less than 15 minutes of hands-on time, an intuitive touch-screen interface, and significantly higher productivity than the Ion OneTouch™ 2 System, the Ion Chef™ System makes the Ion Torrent™ sequencing workflow accessible for every lab.




Chip Compatibility: Ion 314™ Chip (200 bases Q1 2014, 400 bases 2014)
Ion 316™ Chip (200 bases Q1 2014, 400 bases 2014)
Ion 318™ Chip (200 bases Q1 2014, 400 bases 2014)
Ion PI™ Chip (200 bases Q1 2014)
Ion PII™ Chip* (TBA)
Current Limit: 14 A (max)
Dimensions: 28 x 22 x 28 in (71 x 55 x 71 cm)
Frequency: 50⁄60 Hz
High Throughput Compatibility: Automated Protocols, High Throughput-Compatible
Operating Environment: Temperature: 15°C-25°C
Operating System: Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM™) System, Ion Proton™ System
Power Limit: 1,350 W
Product Size: 1 system
Run Time: Varies with chip type and read length selected
Voltage Limit: 100 V (min) to 240 V (max)

The Ion Chef™ System features

  • Automated template preparation and chip loading
  • Cartridge-based reagent system
  • Sample- and reagent-tracking capability
  • Intuitive user interface
  • On-board diagnostics

Simplify the Ion Torrent™ NGS Workflow

The Ion Chef™ System simplifies the Ion Torrent™ next generation sequencing workflow by integrating several manual and instrument steps into a single process. The Ion Chef™ System workflow incorporates: amplification mix preparation, emulsification, amplification, breaking, enrichment, washing, sequencing prep, and chip preparation & loading. The intuitive touch-screen interface provides easy access for users with any experience level.

Minimize Variability & Load Chips Reproducibly

The Ion Chef™ System provides reproducible chip loading for users with any experience level by automating multiple manual chip-loading steps. The sophisticated visual system inside the Ion Chef™ System is designed to help reduce user-introduced error and variability by providing barcode reading and positive ID of samples, chips, and reagents. The visual system performs the set-up check before the run, as well as the reagents and consumables load and unload check, calibration, and diagnostics.

Save Time and Labor

The Ion Chef™ System enables significant time and labor savings by offering: 1) quick and easy set-up that typically requires less than 15 minutes hands-on time, and 2) loading of up to two chips in a single-day workflow.

Support for All Ion Torrent™ Sequencing Workflows

The flexible Ion Chef™ System is designed to provide automated, consistent template preparation for sequencing on Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ systems using any of the corresponding chips*, or template preparation and sequencing chemistries.

(*) The content herein may relate to products that have not been officially released and is subject to change without notice.